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Event/Training Name: Human Factors Training


human factors training

This course brings dynamic and focused human factors training to civilian aviation and maintenance workplaces. Human factors training, often also referred to as maintenance resource management (MRM), aims to reduce human error resulting in a safer and more efficient maintenance operation.

Anyone associated with flying operations or safety management will benefit. Human factors training is not a requirement of the CFRs, however, it is highly recommended. If you are seeking or hold an EASA part 145 certification, it is required that human factors is included in your FAA-approved training program.

Human errors are the leading factor of accidents and must be identified for improved safety efforts and for achieving a high safety record. This course establishes the foundation of human factors and how they apply in the environment. It focuses on how human input can show up as weaknesses in production and safety. Instead of learning how to change the human condition, we learn how changing the conditions where people work and interact are essential in reaching our ultimate goals. Attention to human factors raises efficiency, effectiveness and safety in your company, which ultimately leads to long-term safety benefits and reduced errors in work expectations.

This training is an integrated, interactive classroom atmosphere composed of lecture, group discussion, current case studies and areas that are tailored to your individual company needs. Participants should expect to apply their knowledge to build a strong foundation of safety and reduction of human error. They will learn regulatory requirements, program implementation and how to identify norms. By course completion, the essential information will be learned to implement and self-evaluate the human factors that exist within your work environment.